WWE 2k17 psp Game - Download for Android


  • Android version = 4.0 and up
  • Ram = 2 gb (minimum)
  • Psp emulator = 0.9.5 
  • Game size = 1.3 Gb
  • Psp emulator size = 16.2 mb
  • Lag fix fule size = 2.33 mb
  • Psp emulator + WWE 2K17 .So file + lag fix file , All file is compressed and converted into 4 files 3 files is 400 mb and last one is 154mb, SO YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD ALL 4 LINKS.


About game:-
               WWE 2K17 is a professional wrestling video game developed in a collaboration between Yuke's and Visual Concepts, and published by 2K Sports for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.
If you want to play WWE 2K17 in Android device you have to download pap emulator and download WWE 2K17 so file.WWE 2K17 turns every chokeslam into a story. WWE 2K17 combines narrative and fighting elements in a wrestling game that more closely resembles the action of a WWE match than any other on the market. ... Gameplay in WWE 2K17 improves on the foundations of previous games.

There are a variety of different game modes in WWE 2K17.

Play mode


Play mode allows the player to jump into a quick match with their own custom settings like match types, participants, etc.

My Career mode


MyCareer mode allows the player to create their own superstar to compete for championships on the main roster and/or in NXT. MyCareer mode is exclusive to PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.
The mode also incorporated the new Promo Engine, so Superstars can express themselves to the WWE Universe and also call out or respond to other WWE Superstars. Backstage interviews with Renee Young take on a whole new dimension with the new backstage brawling gameplay. Now more than ever, how a player competes, reacts, what is said and even what attire is worn can make a difference in a Superstar’s journey through the WWE. At some point, players are also likely to come face to face with Brock Lesnar and his advocate, Paul Heyman.

Universe mode


WWE Universe mode allows the player to create their own WWE shows and pay-per-view events, allowing them to create rivalries, promos (a new feature) and feuds for singles wrestlers and/or tag team wrestlers, and will let them create custom arenas and championship titles.

Creation Suite

The creation suite allows players to make their own characters, arenas, titles, and more that can be uploaded for other players to download.

How to download:-

  1. Download all 4 files. 
  2. Extract part 1 .rar file.
  3. Open {wwe 2k17_for_you} folder.
  4. Install psp emulator.
  5. Extract {wwe 2k17 psp by mind of hacker.rar}.
  6. Now a .So file will be created, this is your game. 
  7. Extract lag fix file to (device memory > psp folder > system.
  8. Now open psp emulator go to the folder where you put the .So file and open that and enjoy the game.


WWE 2K17 Download part1     =   400mb

WWE 2K17 Download part2     =   400mb

WWE 2K17 Download part3     =   400mb

WWE 2K17 Download part4     =   150mb

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